WinStar launches Stablemates
Tuesday, March 29, 2011 RSS Feeds
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WinStar launches Stablemates

StableMates is a fantastic way for horse lovers to enjoy an insider's experience in the entire thoroughbred business. You get to pick the level of experience that fits you the best via three distinct membership categories: Grade 1, Grade 2, or Grade 3. Each Graded Membership has its own special benefits and each is designed to give you the unique experience of being our StableMate, while taking into consideration your recreational budget. Grade 1, our highest level and limited to 75 members, will deliver the closest thing you can get to the experience of owning a thoroughbred racing and breeding farm.

The Membership benefits of each level are spelled out by clicking on the Become A StableMate tab. See which StableMates Membership Level fits you the best!

Each member will get to enjoy this new StableMates Website, which will give you a very good understanding of the thoroughbred business, as well as keep you updated on everything going on at WinStar Farm, as well as out on the tracks!  You might even pick up a few handicapping inside tips to give you that handicapper's edge. Or just relax and see the wonder of our new born foals and watch them as they mature into racing champions.

The best will be the experience you get out of being a WinStar StableMates Member - just like owning a successful thoroughbred racing and breeding operation, it will be unforgettable.